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When I wrote The Eden Prescription novel, I envisioned the ultimate all-natural treatment for cancer as being a complex multi-extract cure formulated by a biochemist prodigy on a supercomputer. Enter Big Pharma, willing to do anything to protect it's $200 billion per year cancer drug industry, and you've got the recipe for a Kirkus Star winning thriller. I then built a Facebook Page to promote the novel. Every day I posted small extracts of research articles showing that yes, common foods really can fight cancer. The extracts started adding up. After about a year I began noticing patterns in the studies. A common thread that separated the studies that “worked” from those that didn’t. Food was looking to be much more powerful than we’ve been told.

Just 35% of Cancers Are Related to Diet? Really?

You've probably heard that diet is responsible for about 35% of all cancers. This number is used over and over again, but few people know its origin. It’s from a foundational piece of research (116 pages long) published back in 1981 by Drs. Doll and Peto* from Oxford University. They had been commissioned by Congress to determine the causes of cancer in the USA and see what portion of cancers were avoidable. They estimated that anywhere from 10% - 70% of all cancers were due to diet. And in their own words, the official 35% figure was just a "guesstimate." They had very little solid information to go on.

Thousands of Studies Later… and Still no Good Answers. Or Are There?

Since then, thousands of studies have been carried out on the link between diet and cancer. And yet, no comprehensive “Doll and Peto” type assessment has been repeated in order to measure just how powerful diet could be in fighting cancer. How can that be? It’s mainly because of the confusing, inconsistent and even contradictory results of these studies. How can we extract useful information from all that? We can’t. Not until we understand which question these studies are actually answering. We think that these studies are answering: “Will eating this food reduce my risk of cancer?” But in fact, most of these studies are designed to answer: “Will eating this food today reduce my risk of cancer in the next 10 to 15 years?” Our old understanding of diet and cancer tells us that these two questions are identical. But they aren’t. And this key difference explains most of the contradictory results among all these studies. But to explain why, we need a new understanding of how food affects cancer risk.

A New Understanding of How Diet Affects Cancer—And May Reduce Risk by 75%.

I will go into much more detail here as the book comes closer to publication. The first section of the new book is devoted to building this new understanding of diet and cancer and supporting it with the latest science. This new understanding shows which population studies to prioritize in formulating the ultimate anti-cancer diet. As a result, many apparent contradictions simply disappear. It also shows the error of trying to lump together all fruit and vegetables into one category. That’s why I have a separate chapter to analyze each and every fruit, vegetable, fat and any other food group which has been linked to lower cancer risk in population studies. Every food is also analyzed in detail for how it affects each different type of cancer because each food fights each cancer in its own unique way. Hundreds of studies have been cited for this analysis alone. And I go far beyond that. How we prepare foods can profoundly influence their content and bioavailability of key anti-cancer nutrients. No other book has analyzed this and few population studies ever take this into account. But it’s a key consideration in the anti-cancer value of any food. Yet another key step in the analysis will be revealed here later and draws upon data from a further 350 research studies. There are many surprises along the way. The result is a highly specific but easy-to-follow eating plan which I believe would reduce the overall risk of cancer in industrialized countries by about 75% from current levels.

Find Out When the Book is Out.

I am striving to get this book out within the next year. The best way to stay updated on the book’s progress is to stay connected to this website, follow my Eden Prescription Facebook page or friend me on my Ethan Evers Facebook page. I will make regular updates on my progress here and on both Facebook pages. If you have specific questions about the book please email me at and mention "Your new book" in the subject line. Please note I may not be able to answer all emails. Thank you very much for your interest in The Eden Prescription.

*Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Vol 66, No. 6 June 1981 pages 1192-1308

I have a PhD in Applied Science and received my MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. I've worked for 16 years in Product Development and R&D Management in a Fortune Global 500 company and have over thirty patents granted internationally. I have worked and lived in the United States, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and currently live in London, UK with my family.

The novel The Eden Prescription is, above all, a work of fiction. Names, characters, business establishments, institutions, and the like are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, are used fictitiously without any intent to describe their actual conduct. Any resemblance of fictitious entities to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental, notwithstanding any fictitious accounts of interactions with real entities, events, or locales. The story takes place in a fictitious future, and any reference to people, places, incidents, institutions, business establishments, or the like is made with respect to a future, fictitious version of said entities. Some historical accounts have likewise been fictionalized. The author is not a licensed medical practitioner and is not engaged in rendering advice to the individual reader. All of the information and ideas in the novel as well as in this website are provided for entertainment purposes only, and are not meant as a substitute for consulting a physician. All matters regarding one’s health require supervision by an appropriately licensed medical professional. No guarantee can be made for the completeness or accuracy of any information provided in the novel or in this website. This disclaimer applies to all front and back matter in the novel as well as all material in this website. The author assumes no responsibility for any content in third party websites, books or other materials linked to this website.

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