When I wrote The Eden Prescription, I envisioned the ultimate all-natural treatment for cancer as being a complex multi-extract cure formulated by a biochemist prodigy on a supercomputer. Enter Big Pharma, willing to do anything to protect it's $200 billion per year cancer drug industry, and you've got a recipe for an award-winning thriller. But the more I researched the topic after completing this novel, the more I saw that the food we eat every day is the most powerful weapon we have in the fight against cancer.

Just 35% of Cancers Are Related to Diet? Really?

You've probably heard that diet is responsible for about 35% of all cancers. This number is used over and over again, but almost nobody knows where it originally comes from. It is quoted from a foundational piece of research (116 pages long) published back in 1981 by Drs. Doll and Peto*, from Oxford University. They had been commissioned by Congress to determine the causes of cancer in the USA and see what portion of cancers were avoidable. They actually estimated that anywhere from 10% - 70% of all cancers were due to diet, and in their own words, the official 35% figure was just a "guesstimate." They had very little solid information to go on.

Thousands of Studies… But Still no Good Answers

Since then, thousands of studies have been carried out on the link between diet and cancer. And yet, no thorough assessment has ever been done on just how powerful diet could be in fighting cancer. How can that be? It might have something to do with the fact that many cancer drugs sell for over $100,000 per treatment, whereas fruit and vegetables sell for a few dollars. But it's also because many of the studies have confusing, inconsistent and even contradictory results—as many of you have read in the daily news. How can we extract useful information from all that? By spending years reading through the studies, separating good science from bad science, and learning to recognize which studies are done in the pursuit of scientific truth rather than to push an agenda or garner more research money.

My Upcoming Book on The Ultimate Anticancer Diet

That's exactly what I've been doing for over three years now. From what I have seen so far, we can avoid (and fight) far more than 35% of cancers by eating the right foods. There is still a lot of information for me to go through, and I'm going to distil it all down into some very detailed but easy to follow guidelines in my upcoming book. I am striving to make it the most scientifically formulated anti-cancer diet ever formulated for both preventing cancer in the first place and also helping cancer patients to better fight their cancer and live longer. The book is still many months away, but I've already got over 470 published studies in my bibliography. I will post updates to my progress here, and in the meantime I am sharing a few of my important findings in regular postings on The Eden Prescription's Facebook page and in health articles on this website. For those you want to start some deeper reading right now, you can see the books that have been the starting point for my research in the Recommended Books section.

Get Notified When the Book is Out

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*Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Vol 66, No. 6 June 1981 pages 1192-1308


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