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Coming Soon: A very different kind of anti-cancer diet book.

For the past five years I have been researching and writing a very different kind of anti-cancer diet book. All the books I have ever read of this type have two crucial weaknesses. First, they miss several key anti-cancer food groups. Second, they never tell you how much of each food you need to eat for a meaningful impact on cancer risk. But dosage is key. And so is how you prepare the food.

So why do the other books miss this critical information? Simple: it takes an enormous amount of footwork to bring together. That’s why it’s taken me five years to get to 80% completion. And that’s why along the way, I’ve accumulated over 1,900 citations from peer-reviewed scientific journals to support my findings. But the result will be the most detailed, comprehensive and evidence-based eating plan ever created in the fight against cancer.

More details on this book and my background can be found here. If you want to get this book when it comes out, simply stay tuned to this page where I will post regular updates or follow me on my Eden Prescription Facebook page and/or friend me on my personal Ethan Evers Facebook page. I am also on Twitter and Instagram.

In the meantime, I am sharing some of my ongoing research here in Health Articles and also in regular posts on my Facebook page.

Health Articles

Vegetables in sunlight

Healthy Diet Reduces Cancer Risk by 75% in Study

Healthy eating reduced cancer risk by a stunning 75% in older women who consumed the most of these foods in their daily diets.
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Walnuts on the ground

Walnut Proteins Found Toxic to Breast Cancer Cells

Researchers have discovered yet another surprising benefit from eating walnuts. Their proteins have been found to be so toxic to breast cancer cells, they slowed their growth by 75%.
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Sesame seed oil with seeds

Sesame Seed Oil May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk by 42%

Sesame seed oil adds a delicious flavor to any stir fry or salad. And now researchers have found that women using it regularly have 42% less risk of breast cancer. Tahini may offer similar benefits.
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For those looking for my novel, this website was indeed first set up for my previously published medical thriller “The Eden Prescription.” In that book (which was awarded a Kirkus Star), cutting-edge researchers develop an all-natural treatment for cancer using a cocktail of exotic botanical extracts formulated “in silico” with a supercomputer. You can find that book here.

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