These DVD’s are the perfect way to kick-start your research into treating and preventing cancer with natural medicine and proper diet. From first-hand testimonials of cancer patients cured by alternative methods to exposés on who really controls our food supply (i.e. quality and safety), these movies are essential viewing for anyone wanting to get informed on topics that directly impact their health. Detailed reviews of each DVD are provided below.

Foodmatters DVD (2009)
Starring Andrew W. Saul, Charlotte Gerson, Dr Dan Rogers, et al.

Foodmatters will forever change the way you think about food, nutrition, and alternative medicine. This movie opens with some eye-popping statistics on current death rates from cancer and heart disease, as well as the totally unnecessary deaths from hospital errors, adverse drug reactions and hospital-borne infections. It then drives home the point that the food you eat profoundly impacts your health and should be your first line of defense in staying healthy and out of hospitals. Why have we not been told before? Some astounding numbers are given on the mammoth economics behind the drug industry and the influence of drug companies on regulators and the media via huge advertising budgets.

Cancer is the main focus during the last 30 minutes. In the last 30 years, conventional medicine has made outstanding progress on surgical techniques, pain management etc., but has utterly failed to improve 5-year survival rates of most cancer patients beyond 30%. Alternatives are provided—and more importantly, measures for prevention. Some jaw dropping before-and-after pictures are shown of terminal cancer patients cured by Gerson therapy-which is claimed to have a 50% success rate (even higher for malignant melanoma). Intravenous vitamin C therapy is also discussed in detail as a means for improving quality of life and possibly length of life for cancer patients.  This movie covers a huge amount of ground, is meticulously researched and flawlessly presented. If you (or loved ones) have struggled to adopt a healthier lifestyle and need something to shock and awe you into it for good, this DVD is for you.

An easy way to put this movie’s recommendations into practice is to use The Food Matters Cookbook: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living. This is currently a very popular book on Amazon with many excellent reviews.

Food, Inc. DVD (2008)
Starring Eric Schlosser

This documentary on our food supply is the perfect follow-on to the Food Matters DVD—and if this doesn’t shock you into switching to organic food forever, nothing will. The overriding theme is that our “everyday” food supply is controlled by a very small number of companies driven first by making profits, NOT producing healthy food. This affects many aspects of our food quality and safety and has had a host of unintended consequences (sometimes deadly). Startling tours of industrial beef packing plants, chicken farms and pork slaughterhouses are provided. If you think the mistreatment of animals is a problem, just watch how the workers are treated (and for what meager wages). But the core problem is the concentration of power in this industry. Over 80% of the beef market is controlled by just four companies. A similar picture is emerging for chicken and pork. Not to mention corn, soybeans and other crops. The controlling companies have become so powerful that their board members and lobbyists have taken leading government jobs in the very agencies that should be regulating their behavior. The result? Government policies that favor big business rather than consumer safety. A case in point: in 1972 the FDA carried out 50,000 food safety inspections. By 2006, this dwindled to only 9164 inspections. Is our food supply really that safe? Is this industrial model sustainable? Our food may appear cheap but at what cost to the environment, the workers and their families, and to our own health?

Then, in stark contrast to the industrial production of food, we are taken on a tour of an organic farm where chickens, pigs and cows are raised in the open. Perversely, the USDA wanted to shut down the open-air chicken operation on the grounds that it was unsanitary—until lab tests showed that their chickens had just 4% of the bacteria levels compared to industrially produced chickens. The message in the end is clear: we can change the system simply by how we use our money. Stop buying junk food and fast food, and start buying organic food that is produced with fair and sustainable practices. If you want to dig deeper into this topic, the perfect companion book for this DVD is: Food Inc.: A Participant Guide: How Industrial Food is Making Us Sicker, Fatter, and Poorer-And What You Can Do About It


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